Casa Del Frenchies Blue, Lilac and Merle


French Bulldogs

We have been lucky enough to have been trusted with several amazing puppies from the top breeder in the world of unique colored French Bulldogs from . These awesome pups created the foundation of our lines. Not only is their comformation far superior to any blue, lilac or merles you will find in the U.S. but, their disposition is amazing! All of our dogs are house dogs only! We would never put our dogs in a kennel! All puppies are raised in our home as well. They are socialized with kids and other dogs as well and it shows in the attitude. Never afraid of anything. Love to explore on outside playtime. All adults are health tested as well as OFA reg. for hips, spine and patellas. Adults are aslo heart tested. This insure that we are breeding only the best parents so we product the best puppies. Please check out the "Boys" page and the "Girls" page to view certifications from testing. We don't just tell you the results, we show you! All pups are guaranteed for one year againts any "genetic" issues that would make them unsuitable as a pet. All pups have three puppy shots before they go home with you. This protects them againts parvo and other contagious diseases. Although puppies leave here free of any contagious diseases you need to ensure you puppy is not taken to public areas where these disease can be live in the ground. Treat you new puppy like you would a baby. Keep them safe until they have had their 4 month shot and then take them out to meet new people and places.

To meet the "Blues"
To meet the "Lilacs"
To meet the "Merles"